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BHS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer, headquartered in Germany, is an owner-operated group of companies in the filed of machine and plant engineering, with a focus on mixing. It has over 125 years of experience in mixing technology. Today BHS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer have been the benchmark in mixing technology; Thousands of BHS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer are in operation throughout the world, providing reliable service day after day, it transforms materials into value for customers. It has DKX series, DKXS series and DKXN series. DKX series is the powerhouse for maximum operational reliability. DKXS series is the all-rounder. DKXN series is the cost effective solution for ready mixed concrete.

Unlike the circular motion of other mixing systems, its three-dimensional mixing concept of the twin shaft batch mixer results in a more intensive exchange of materials and thus in shorter mixing cycles with reduced energy consumption.

BHS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer worm gearing offers maximum operational reliability and a long service life – even when exposed to extreme loads. The gearboxes are directly mounted on the mixing shafts without a rigid connection to the mixing trough. With the selected material pairing, BHS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer worm gearing compensates the load changes that occur every time the mixer is charged.


1. Mixing shafts are sealed with reliable axial face seals. The shaft bearings are mounted on bearing boxes and located separately from the shaft seals. This significantly increases operational reliability of the mixing shaft bearings.

2. A low-maintenance elastic coupling is installed between the gearboxes to synchronize the two mixing shafts.

3. High quality hexagonal shaft with high torsional and flexural strength

4. Streamlined mixing arms made of special cast steel, easily adjustable mixing blades

5. Rhombus-shaped tiles made of optimized cast chromium steel with a material thickness of 19mm can be used to line the mixing trough. The service life can be increased by up to 30% compared to tiles of rectangular design.




Type Dry charge Compacted concrete output per batch Maximum compacted concrete output    Standard drive 3) Maximum aggregate size 
      Truck mixer discharge 1)  Open truck discharge 2)    Quality concrete Hydro dam concrete 4)
DKX0.50 0.75m3 0.5m3 73 cycles/h 37 m3/h 73 cycles/h 37 m3/h 15KW 64mm -
DKX0.75 1.13m3 0.75m3 65 cycles/h 49 m3/h 65 cycles/h 49 m3/h 22KW 64mm -
DKX1.00 1.5m3 1m3 58 cycles/h 58 m3/h 60 cycles/h 60 m3/h 37KW 64mm 80mm
DKX1.25 1.88m3 1.25m3 53 cycles/h 66 m3/h 53 cycles/h 66 m3/h 45KW 64mm 125mm
DKX1.67 2.51m3 1.67m3 48 cycles/h 80 m3/h 49 cycles/h 82 m3/h 55KW 64mm 125mm
DKX2.00 3m3 2m3 49 cycles/h 98 m3/h 53 cycles/h 106 m3/h 65KW 64mm 150mm
DKX2.25 3.38m3 2.25m3 46 cycles/h 104 m3/h 50 cycles/h 113 m3/h 65KW 64mm 150mm
DKX2.50 3.75m3 2.5m3 48 cycles/h 120 m3/h 56 cycles/h 140 m3/h 75KW 64mm 150mm
DKX2.75 4.13m3 2.75m3 46 cycles/h 127 m3/h 55 cycles/h 151 m3/h 2 x 45KW 64mm 150mm
DKX3.00 4.5m3 3m3 44 cycles/h 132 m3/h 53 cycles/h 159 m3/h 2 x 55KW 64mm 150mm
DKX3.33 5m3 3.33m3 41 cycles/h 137 m3/h 50 cycles/h 167 m3/h 2 x 65KW 64mm 150mm
DKX3.50 5.25m3 3.5m3 42 cycles/h 147m3/h 52 cycles/h 182 m3/h 2 x 55KW 64mm 160mm
DKX4.00 6m3 4m3 39 cycles/h 156m3/h 49 cycles/h 196 m3/h 2 x 65KW 64mm 160mm
DKX4.50 6.75m3 4.5m3 37 cycles/h 167m3/h 51 cycles/h 230 m3/h 2 x 75KW 64mm 160mm
DKX5.00 7.5m3 5m3 35 cycles/h 175m3/h 50 cycles/h 250 m3/h 2 x 90KW 64mm 160mm
DKX6.00 9m3 6m3 31 cycles/h 186m3/h 48 cycles/h 288 m3/h 2 x 110KW 64mm 160mm
DKX7.00 10.5m3 7m3 28 cycles/h 196m3/h 44 cycles/h 308 m3/h 4 x 75KW 64mm 160mm
DKX8.00 12m3 8m3 26 cycles/h 208m3/h 43 cycles/h 344 m3/h 4 x 90KW 64mm 160mm
DKX9.00 13.5m3 9m3 24 cycles/h 216m3/h 43 cycles/h 387 m3/h 4 x 110KW 64mm 180mm

1) 30s mixing time, truck mixer input rate of 0.12m3/s (0.16 yd3/s) and compactability rate of 1.15.

2) 30s mixing time, compactablility rate of 1.45.

3) Alternative drive power available on request for other applications.

4) For types DKX1.00 to DKX4.50 with coarse-grain mixing tools.

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Latest News

sicoma concrete mixer

On February 10th, 2018, one set of MAO4500/3000 sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer, 3 sets of WAM screw conveyors and some butterfly valves, and three sets of siemens motors were delivered to Africa.

mp500 planetary mixer

On February 5th, 2018, two sets of MP500 planetary concrete mixers were packed into a 20-foot cabinet in the factory and will be sent to North Africa.

mps1500 concrete mixer

On January 23th, 2018, Daswell send the MPS1500 planetary concrete mixer, four sets of high pressure cleaning nozzles and some parts to Western Europe.

planetary concrete mixers

On December 13th, 2017, two sets of MP330 planetary concrete mixers, two sets of MP500 concrete mixers, two sets of JS1000 mixer’s reducers and some concrete mixing plant’s spare parts, like WAM butterfly valve, vibration motor, filter core of dust collector, AirTAC cylinder, etc were loaded into a 40-foot high cabinets, then be sent to the port. 

planetary concrete mixer

On December 8th, 2017, one set of Sicoma MPC750 planetary concrete mixer to the port. 

mp1500 concrete mixer

On November 22th, 2017, Daswell Machinery sent two sets of MP1500 planetary concrete mixers and them parts to the port. The two sets of concrete mixers and parts will be loaded into a 40-frame cabinet at the port, later will be shipped to Western Europe.

jse1250 concrete mixer

On November 7th, 2017, one set of JSE1250 twin shaft concrete mixer was loaded into containers smoothly and then will be sent to the port.

mp750 concrete mixer

On November 7th, 2017, one set of MP750 vertical shaft mixer was sent to the port.

MAO4500/3000 twin shaft mixer

On September 14th, 2017, one set of Sicoma MAO4500/3000 twin shaft mixer and four sets of 273mm diameter, 8 meter long screw conveyors were loaded into containers in our factory and will be sent to Southeast Asia.

BHS DKXN1.25 twin shaft mixer

On September 1st, 2017, Daswell Machinery sent one set of BHS DKXN1.25 twin shaft mixer to the port successfully. 

On June 5th, 2017, one set of our JSE1500 twin shaft concrete mixer was exported to Africa.

At 2017-06-02, Daswell sent 1 set of MP330 planetary concrete mixer and 1 set of JS500 mixer to South America.

At 2017-05-12, we delivery one set of SICOMA MAO4500/3000 to Southeast Asia.

On April 28th, 2017, we delivered one set of MSO1500/1000 SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer to Southeast Asia. This SICOMA twin shaft mixer is made by SICOMA ZHUHAI with Italy highest technology. This twin shaft mixer can produce one cubic meter of concrete per batch.

On April 21, 2017, one DASWELL MP500 planetary concrete mixer and one DASWELL JSE1500 twin shaft concrete mixer were loaded into one 20 feet container. These two concrete mixers were ordered by our regular customer from West Europe. They are a dealer. And these two concrete mixers are for two different end users.

On April 10, 2017, one set of sicoma MP375 and MP750 planetary concrete mixers and a set of skip hopper hoisting system for sicoma MEO1500/1000 were delivered to southeast Asia.

At 2017-01-11, Daswell sent MP330 planetary concrete mixer and parts for concrete batching plant to Middle America.

On January 27, 2016, we delivered 4 sets of SICOMA MAO2250/1500 to Southeast Asia to be used for government project and as backup for concrete batching plant.

On December 26, 2016, we sent one DASWELL MP1000 planetary concrete mixer to our regular customer in West Europe. The mixer motor is disassembled in order that it can be loaded into a 40HQ container to reduce the sea freight cost.

At 2016-12-25, 3 sets of JS500 concrete mixers to South America, to be used for concrete batching plant.

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