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Calcium carbonate is one kind of widely used basic material. Daswell has much experience and projects, with full solution from crushing, to medium size grinding to ultra fine grinding, for different application such as filling compound, paint, ink, paper and so on.

In the last years, Daswell has finished the top class big scale calcium carbonate in China and other countries such as Egypt.

Ball Mill

Daswell provide the full range solution from crushing, grinding and coating for calcium carbonate.

For crushing ,we supply the professional crushing plant specially for calcium carbonate which will be used then for ball mill plant. Our crusher is going to crush the material to 4mm-5mm, to make sure the better working condition of the ball mill grinding mill then.

We can provide the crushing solution from 20 to 200ton/hour.


Ultra-fine Ball mill Grinding with classifier

By the flow of ultra-fine ball mill+ultra-fine classifier+integration of automatic control, we have supplied different capacity ball mill plant of calcium carbonate ultra-fine powder with from 10,000 ton/year to 200,000 ton/year of 3.5-23µm product, to different customers, with the most advanced technology, best quality and performance. You can check the flow chart drawing to learn the working principle. With the primary classifier, you can get 3.5-23µm product.

And if you need produce 2-3µm product, you can choose secondary or third time classifier.


1. Perfect match by the high efficiency grinding and primary or secondary classifier

2. High percentage of fine powder, more specific surface area, round and evenly distributed product shape

3. You can get product size with 3.5-23µm with our design

4. Big productivity to 200,000 ton/year for single plant

5. Very stable working system, with automatic control, very low maintenance cost



The new type coating machine with classifier, is the most advanced coating solution for calcium carbonate now in China.


1. The coating machine and classifier work as a closed recycling system like the ball mill system, at the same time, the coating machine could grind the bigger size which coming back from the classifier to make the coating rate much better

2. Big productivity with low power consumption, closed working system to keep the heat energy inside the system recycling to save power

3. With less stearic acid consumption, to get better result, the coating rate could reach 99%

4. All closed working system, no dust flying out to protect the environment

5. The core rotating wheel material coming from Germany (the line speed could reach 115m/s), with very high quality and wear-resisting

UCOAT Ultra-fine Coating System

Model Capacity Size 10µm GCC Rate
  (t/h) (µm) t/h %
UCOAT 750 4.0 5-23 3.0 >98
UCOAT 1000 6.0 5-23 5.0 >98

Latest News

At 2017-01-02, Daswell sent 1 container of ball mill parts such as discharging nets to North Africa to be used to replace the parts in the ball mills, for calcium carbonate and silica grinding.

At 2016-06-20, Daswell sent 1 set of packing machine for mortar and belt conveyor to South America, to be used in the dry mortar plant.

At 2016-04-25, Daswell sent 2 sets of magnetic separators, rollers, rings which are for roller mill parts to Saudi Arabic.

At 2015-03-24, we sent 1 set of ball mill grinding plant and coating plant to Egypt, to grind the calcium carbonate to 8 micron, 10 micron and 15 micron, and coat it.

On September 9, 2014, DASWELL sent one set of 80-120t/h rotary cement packing plant to our Africa customer. This customer runs a cement importing and exporting company, thus he needs this bigger cement packer to pack cement more quickly and more efficiently.

At 2014-06-15, we sent 7 cement packing machines and 3 forklifts with diesel engine for 3 ton load with 4.5m height, to Libya to be used to pack cement into small bags and for selling to use in construction.

On December 29th, 2013, one set of dry mortar mixer and one set of dry mortar packing machine were sent to South America. The two machines were used in dry mortar production line.

At 2013-01-29, Daswell delivery 1 set of Pneumatic transport system to Egypt, to transport the limestone powder in the workshop of our customer.

At 2012-12-23, Daswell delivery 2 sets of vibrating screen with 5 layers and 2 layers to our customer in North Africa, to get the size of calcium carbonate they wanted in different size range.

At 2012-12-20, Daswell loaded 1 set of 21 roller micro powder mill to container to Egypt.

At 2012-12-12,Daswell sent crushers, and plastic mixer coating machine to North Africa for calcium carbonate crush, and coating.

At 2012-08-10, Daswell sent 1 complete set of high speed mixer coating machine to Libya customer to do coating process for calcium carbonate powder.

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