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Concrete pump is used for continuous delivering mixed concrete to the construction site, such as building, bridge and tunnel construction, etc. Our pump capacity ranges from 30m3/h to 120m3/h, and the delivery pressure is from 5Mpa to 20Mpa. The concrete pump can be equipped with diesel engine or electric motor to meet different customers’ demand.


1. We adopt famous brands engine for the pump, such as Siemens motor, Volvo diesel engine, Lovol diesel engine or Deutz diesel engine.

2. The main oil pump uses German Hawe, Rexroth or Japanese Kawasaki brand.

3. The hydraulic hose joint is from American Eaton to ensure safety and no leakage for the hydraulic system.

4. S valve is made of high manganese steel, anti-wearing and anti-high pressure; the splined shaft surface is treated by alloy material, which enhances its abrasion performance and fatigue strength.

5. Glasses plate and cutting ring are made of high hard anti-wearing alloy material, which prolongs their service lives.

6. Seals for big oil cylinder is American Parker brand.

7. It adopts progressive dispenser to supply oil for points of lubrication system, and it can supply oil accurately at regular time, saving grease consumption.

8. High pressure on outlet of the pump to make high building and long distance concrete delivery.

9. Main electrical elements are from Schneider and LG company, which is more reliable.




Model XCPE30-10-40 XCPE40-11-48 XCPD30-10-56 XCPD40-11-56
Power Electromotor Electromotor Diesel engine Diesel engine
Maximum theoretic delivery volume (m3/h) 30 40 30 40
Maximum outlet pressure (Mpa) 10 11 10 11
Maximum aggregate diameter (mm) ≤30 (≤20) ≤30 (≤20) ≤30 (≤20) ≤30 (≤20)
Cylinder diameter × stroke (mm) Φ140×800 Φ140×1200 Φ140×1200 Φ140×1200
Main motor (Kw) 37 45 56 56
Inner diameter of delivery pipeline (mm) Φ100 (Φ80) Φ100 (Φ80) Φ100 (Φ80) Φ100 (Φ80)
Outline dimension (mm) 4300×1500×1550 4500×1500×1720 4300×1500×1720 4500×1500×1720
Overall weight (Kg) 2200 2500 2400 2500
Maximum theoretic delivery distance (m) Horizontal 500 Horizontal 570 Horizontal 500 Horizontal 570
Vertical 175 Vertical 190 Vertical 175 Vertical 190
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On November 7th,2017, two sets of JZR500DH diesel concrete mixers were packed in Qingdao port and ready to be sent to North America.

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On September 30, 2015, DASWELL delivered one set of DFB6-15 block making machine to our regular customer in South America. This customer is a concrete batching plant manufacturer in their country. They have rich experience in concrete batching plant. But, for block making machine, it is the first time for them. They wanted to expand their business, so, they accept the block production line project.

On July 30, 2015, we delivered one set of JZM750 drum mixer to our Germany customer.

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