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ASS classifier is widely used in all kinds of non-metallic mineral powder (calcite, kaolin and talc, etc), ceramics, medicine, pesticide, abrasive material and all kinds of inorganic or organic dry powder production.


1. It is designed by strong turbo classification principle, and the classifying impeller is set vertically, with single-impeller.

2. It is designed for classifying 5-25µm powder, and it is especially suitable for 8-25µm product.

3. The impeller blade adopts Germany steel alloy material, and it is wear-resistance.

4. Large capacity, low energy consumption, high efficiency of classification.

5. Accurate fineness cutting to get high definition of micro powder and no coarse particles entrained.

6. Through adjusting the classifier impeller rotating speed or opening of the blower valve, it will get different finenesses powder, very easy to operate.

7. The classifying system can be used alone or used with all the powder grinding equipment (ball mill, impact mill, vertical mill, jet mill or mixing mill, etc).

8. It can be used together with AMS series classifiers, connected in series or parallel.



Model Capacity Powder size adjustable range Capacity (t/h) Power
  (t/h) D97(µm) D97=10µm (kW)
ASS 500 2-6 5-37 1.0-1.3 30
ASS 630 4-12 6-37 1.5-1.8 45
ASS 830 6-15 8-37 2.1-2.3 55
ASS 900 8-18 9-37 2.5-2.8 75
ASS 1000 10-22 9-37 3.1-3.3 75
ASS 1100 12-26 10-37 3.5-3.8 90
ASS 1200 15-30 10-37 4.0-4.4 110
ASS 1300A 18-40 18-37 / 110

Latest News

At 2013-06-07, Daswell sent 1 set of high speed coating machine to North Africa, to coat the micro powder like 10 micron, 15 micron, and 20 micron, with stearic acid.

At 2012-10-15, Daswell sent 1 set of high speed mixer coating machine to Libya, to use to coat the micro powder of calcium carbonate with mainly stearic acid.

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