This series block making machine can be used to produce hollow block, solid brick, curbs and paver block, etc. It is always applied in small and medium block making plant, and the produced blocks can be widely used in the construction of municipal works, buildings, garden sand roads and its productivity is very high. The down-mould adopts the vertical, directional vibrating device while the up-mould used the pressure vibrating. So the block made by this machine are high in density and has good compression. Additional, the automatic material discharging system greatly increase the production. The main components for the block making plant are host block machine, hydraulic station unit, PLC control system, pallet feeder, brick conveyor, block sweeper, automatic stacker, etc.


1. It uses PLC control system to finalize automatic production, easy to operate; manual or electric control are optional.

2. It adopted four-bar-guided mode and long-type guide bearings to ensure precise movement of indenter and mould.

3. The block machine is made of top quality steel and special welding technology, which is solid and vibration proof.

4. The mould is very easy to replace.

5. Electrical elements, seals, and hydraulic parts are from world famous brand to make sure that the equipment running stably.

6. Mechanical transmission; compact structure; flexible operation; and easy maintenance.

7. With up and down forcing, strong vibrating and strength up to 20MPa, it is especially suitable for producing high-strength load-bearing blocks.




Model QT4-15 QT6-15 QT9-15 QT10-15
Capacity (for 400×200×200mm block ) (pcs/h 720-840 1080-1260 1620-1890 1800-2100
Power (kW) 27 32 42 45.38
Main frame size (mm) 2440x2000x2600 2850x2200x2850 2900x2600x2900 3500x2220x2850
Molding area (mm) 400x800 600x800 1280x600 1025x810
Exciting force (kN) 40 45 80 100
Molding cycle (s) 15-20 15-20 15-20 15-25
Mixer model JS500/MP500 JS500/MP500 JS750/MP750 JS750/MP750
Supporting plate size (mm) 1010x550x20/25 940x830x20/25 980x900x25 1300x900x30
Water consumption (T/day) 5 8 10 12
Host Machine Weight (T) 7.6 11.5 13.5 14
Workshop area (m2) 200 300 300 300


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Latest News

On December 14, 2021, DASWELL loaded 2 units of block making machine, one set of self loading pan mixer and some spare parts into a 40HQ container and sent it to the port. It will be shipped to Southeast Asia on December 18.

On September 6, 2021, DASWELL loaded 1000 pieces of fiber glass pallets into 1*20GP container and sent it to the port successfully. These pallets will be shipped to South America very soon.

On April 27, 2021, DASWELL loaded one set of QTJ4-26 block making machine and one set of MPS55 mortar spraying pump into a 40HQ container and will ship it to Southeast Asia very soon.

On January 6, 2021, one sets of QTJ4-25 block making machine is loaded into a 20GP container successfully in DASWELL factory. Later, it will be shipped to Southeast Asia.

On December 24, 2020, DASWELL loaded two sets of QTJ4-25 block making machine and one set of mini crushing plant into a 40HQ container. And it will be shipped to Southeast Asia on next Monday.

On May 23, 2020, DASWELL one set of SICOMA MSO2250/1500 twin shaft concrete mixer, one set of QTJ4-35 block making machine and some spare parts were loaded in factory and will be shipped to South Asia.

On January 12th, one set of curing room for block making machine was loaded in containers at factory, it will be shipped out to Asia before our Spring Festival holiday. It will be assembled on site, and it will be used for block curing.

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