The qualified limestone is stored in the silo, lifted by the hoist and transported to the top of the preheater. The top silo of preheater consists of the upper and lower level meter to control the amount of feeding, and the limestone is evenly distributed to the preheater through the discharging pipe.

The limestone is heated to designed temperature, about 30% are broken down, then through the hydraulic putter into the rotary kiln, the limestone is decomposed into CaO and CO2 in the rotary kiln is by sintering . The limestone generated after decomposition is into the cooler, and then is discharged out of the cooler by its temperature is cooled to about below 100 °C.

The 600 °C hot air by heat exchange into the kiln to burn mixed together with gas. The waste gas with cold wind is into bag filter through the induced draft fan and then into the chimney by the exhaust fan. The lime out of cooler is into the finished product silo through the vibrating feeder, chain bucket conveyor, bucket elevator, tape conveyor. The screening process is based on customers' requirements.

We can provide the lime rotary production line with capacity ranging from 150t to 1200t per day.


1. The vertical preheater is adopted at end of the kiln to directly transfer the waste heat of the flue gas to the limestone. The temperature of the flue gas can be reduced to below 280 °C, effectively recovering the heat taken away by the exhaust gas, which also reduced load for dust removal.

2. The rotary kiln head discharge cooling uses a vertical cooler to avoid the lime heat loss. The hot lime falling from the kiln head is cooled by the secondary air that is blown in, and the lime is cooled, and air is heated and then enters into the kiln to support combustion.

3. The cooler and kiln hood adopt integrated vertical design, with less land space and good sealing, avoiding emission of hot exhaust gas.

4. The combustion air is divided into primary air and secondary air. The primary air directly participates in the combustion, the secondary air is the cooling air, and the primary air and the secondary air is supplied by separate blower. The secondary air temperature of this design can be raised to as high as 600 °C, as a combustion air, saving fuel.


Capacity (t/d)  150 200 250 300 400 500 600 800 1000 1200
Material Quick Lime
Preheater 4 Pusher head 6 Pusher head 8 Pusher head 12 Pusher head 14 Pusher head 18 Pusher head 22 Pusher head
Rotary Kiln Kiln Size (m) ø2.5×40 ø2.8×42 ø3.0×48 ø3.2×54 ø3.4×54 ø4.0×52 ø4.0×60 ø4.5×64 ø4.9×70 ø5.24×72
Burning Temperature (°C) 1350/1250 1350/1250 1350/1250 1350 1350 1350 1350 1350 1350 1350
Blocking-wheel Mode Hydraulic or Mechanical Hydraulic
Cooler Vertical Cooler
Fuel Coal, Coal Gas, Natural Gas, Diesel Oil, Heavy Oil
Heat Consumption (KJ/KgCaO) 5300/5000 5300/5000 5300/5000 5200 5200 5100 5100 4810 4810 4810
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Latest News

On May 11th , 2021, we loaded our control cabinets/panels for lime production line to North Africa. This customer bought the 180ton/day rotary lime production line from us, but without control system before. He intended to make the auto control system himself, but after comparing our control system program, he determined to buy from us, as our system is more professional and good using.

calcium carbonate classifying system

On March 29th, 2018, Daswell shipped 1 set of secondary calcium carbonate classifying system to our old customer in Africa.

At 2017-01-12, we sent the blower, hydraulic station, and burner to Egypt, to be used for our quick lime plant project in Egypt.

At 2017-01-06, Daswell sent the key parts of 4 pushing head pre-heater to Egypt for rotary kiln quick lime plant to Egypt.

At 2014-03-12, Daswell shipped 2.5*45 rotary Kiln and 2.0*20m rotary cooler to Egypt by bulk ship to Egypt for quick lime plant.

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