The vertical kiln lime production line adopts intelligent control technology to precisely to accurately match the limestone and fuel ratio according to requirements of lime burning process, and achieves the purpose of stable and uniform temperature zones in the kiln; the system automatically adjust air volume and coal weight through on-line analysis of smoke compositions, which effectively reduces staffing and reduces labor intensity.

A reasonable ratio of kiln body height and diameter and reasonable insulation measures are adopted to effectively reduce the heat energy consumption and achieve a better production effect. The roof of the kiln adopts a structure without air leakage; the bottom of the kiln is very good at dust exhausting on feeding and discharging system after improving the rotary closed automatically unloading device. The entire production process is fully automated, avoiding the operator's exposure to carbonic oxide and preventing safety accidents; The vertical kiln production line reduces the amount of material transportation, which reduces lime production costs.


1. The kiln lining is made of high-strength wear-resistant high-alumina bricks and refractory with good heat insulation property, which can not only prolong the service life of the kiln, but also reduce the heat loss of the kiln.

2. Thermal insulation measures is used for steel structure at the top of the kiln.

3. The inclined bridge type single bucket elevator is equipped with a bell-cap lifting device to the top of the kiln, followed by a rotating distributor to ensure that the material is evenly distributed in the kiln.

4. There is a material level detector at the top of the kiln to monitor the upper and lower limits of the material level in the kiln.

5. The raw materials are weighed with double electrons before entering the kiln and they are fed to the kiln top chute regularly. The weighing system has automatic error compensation function.

6. The bottom of the kiln adopts spiral cone discharge device, and the kiln material can continuously and evenly settle, thus achieving uniform preheating, uniform burning and uniform cooling, and the product quality is uniform and stable.

7. The cooling air is separately supplied by a high-pressure blower and variable frequency control is adopted to achieve stable burning and cooling, which is good for production operations;

8. Automatically control the pressure of the top kiln and it takes the double purifying dust collector for exhaust gas out of the kiln, so that the dust emission concentration in the exhaust gas is very low.


Model Capacity (t/d) Effective volume (m³) Volume production (t/m³·d)
VK-ø3.0m*18.5m 100 127 0.7-0.8
VK-ø3.2m*18.5m 120 148 0.7-0.8
VK-ø3.6m*21.5m 150 219 0.7-0.8
VK-ø4.2m*21.5m 200 296 0.7-0.8
VK-ø4.8m*24.5m 300 443 0.7-0.8
VK-ø5.3m*26.5m 400 585 0.7-0.8
VK-ø6.0m*30.5m 500 850 0.7-0.8
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On May 11th , 2021, we loaded our control cabinets/panels for lime production line to North Africa. This customer bought the 180ton/day rotary lime production line from us, but without control system before. He intended to make the auto control system himself, but after comparing our control system program, he determined to buy from us, as our system is more professional and good using.

calcium carbonate classifying system

On March 29th, 2018, Daswell shipped 1 set of secondary calcium carbonate classifying system to our old customer in Africa.

At 2017-01-12, we sent the blower, hydraulic station, and burner to Egypt, to be used for our quick lime plant project in Egypt.

At 2017-01-06, Daswell sent the key parts of 4 pushing head pre-heater to Egypt for rotary kiln quick lime plant to Egypt.

At 2014-03-12, Daswell shipped 2.5*45 rotary Kiln and 2.0*20m rotary cooler to Egypt by bulk ship to Egypt for quick lime plant.

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